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Madden 20 team Selection

Madden 20 team Selection

With Highstakes a few weeks away Dynasty users are starting to make decisions on where to play for Madden 20! This is a decision that you must live with for an entire cycle and many users will change this decision several times before draft night! What goes into making this important decision as we lead up to Madden 20?

1. Favorite team….Most users have that NFL team they cheer for on Sundays and that can play a big factor in team selection! We have seen this in the past with Dynasty greats such as Nasty Nupe playing in Atlanta or Dabusisrunning picking his beloved Chicago Bears! Expect the Dallas Cowboys to have a familiar face in Madden 20!

2. Matchups….Users will tell you that who is in the division doesn’t matter and won’t be a factor in team selection. We all know there have been examples of people selecting a team based on who is in the division. Just take a look at the NFC South for Madden 19…The bully Addy5 himself knew he was going wherever the Commish went and has been a thorn to the Falcons Bucs and Panthers all cycle!

3. Madden 20 beta…That’s right the beta has changed several users direction on who they will draft after high stakes! After learning about playbook requirements and Superstar and Xfactor abilities I know there are teams that have moved up the board for several users! Can you pass up Tom Brady and his dot ability or Patrick Mahomes and his bazooka arm or maybe Gurley and the stiff arm from hell! There will be surprises during the draft from beta users I guarantee it!

4. Ease of scheduling…This has been thrown around for several cycles in Da Dynasty and now we have a list coming out to support the hype. You don’t want to get stuck in a division with 3 west coast users while you are in the East coast! You also know the users who communicate and those that you have to send a DM a text smoke signals a certified letter and have a Commish Gort alert out! Life is busy for all of us so the last thing we want is to try to track you down to play a game! Shout out to Bruce Bruce for getting this very important list out to the league!

5. Position…Last but not least is who is available when your number is called! For the majority of the league the best team available is the only factor that plays a role in who you pick! If you have a pick past 15 you may not be able to use any other factor but what is left on the board. Users must do their homework on as many teams as possible to make sure they make the right decision that fits them with what’s left…I don’t think we see the Patriots fall as far as we have in previous drafts and so you have to decide do I want to play in Cincinnati or Pittsburgh….

While these 5 factors aren’t the only ones that play a role they are very important and help every user make a sound decision for Madden 20! Personally I have 1 team on the board in Xperts war room and it’s the Dallas Cowboys. We must restore the prestige for America’s Team after it was torn apart traded and watered down in Madden 19!

I am the voice of da Dynasty with shows that include The Bye Week, Da Franchise, and GOTW! I am also a Facebook Gaming streamer!

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