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Looking for Work

Ex. Coaches Need Work

  1. Mike Tomlin Lv 14 (Steelers)
  2. Sean McVay Lv 10 (Rams)
  3. Frank Reich Lv 2 (Colts)
  4. Zac Taylor Lv 1 (Bengals) 2020
  5. Matt Nagy Lv 17 (Bears) Fired 2021
  6. Kliff Kingsbury Lv 22 (Cards PB) 2023
  7. Freddie Kitchens Lv 20 (Browns PB) 2023
  8. Jay Gruden (Redskins)
  9. Sean McDermott (Bills)
  10. Mike Vrabel (Titans)

Looking for a Shot

  1. Marvin Stallard Lv 4 LA RAMS RUN GAME COORDINATOR (Rams)
  2. Victor Ordonez Lv 1 Cincinnati Bengals Defensive coordinator(Bengals)
  3. Stephen Crandall Lv 1 Head Coach Arizona Cardinals 2018, Browns defensive coordinator (Brown)
  4. Russell Malony Lv 1 Houston Texans assistant head coach/defensive coordinator (Texans)
  5. Jason Brown Lv 7 Minnesota Vikings DC
  6. Freddie Bates Lv 6 Jackson Jaguars DC
  7. Jorge Hiller Lv 4 Atlanta Falcons OC (Falcons Playbook)
  8. Hector Flohr Lv 2 New York Giants DC (Giants Playbook)
  9. Sam Borst Lv1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers DC (Dolphins Playbook)
  10. Maurice Harn Lv1 New England Patriots OC (Patriots Playbook)
  11. Devin Schultz Lv1 Denver Broncos OC (Broncos Playbook)
  12. Steve Price Lv 10 Fired by Patriots)(Chiefs Playbook)
  13. Dennis Brenner Lv 1 ( Redskins Playbook)
  14. Marvin Charron Lv 3 (Steelers Playbook)
  15. Joshua Pinto (Hired Browns 2023 Fired 2025)(Panthers PB)


Victor Knox Lv 1 Hired as Cardinals defensive coordinator on 1/11/19 after spending the previous two seasons (2017-18) as the head coach of the Denver Broncos. (Hired by Raiders)

William LaVallee Lv 3 University of Oklahoma (Hired by Texans)

Randy Croom Lv 2 New Orleans Saints Defensive coordinator(Hired by Saints)  

John Tupper Lv 7 Dallas Cowboys PASSING GAME COORDINATOR & DEFENSIVE BACKS  (Hired by Bears)

Joshua Pinto (Hired Browns 2023)(Panthers PB)

Griffin Murphy ( Hired Chargers 2023) (Patriots Playbook)

Manuel Fish( 49ers book) Lv 7 ( Hired Colts 2023)

William Lavallee Lv 15 ex. Texans HC (Saints PLaybook) Eagles 2024)

Dan Golden Lv 3 Tennessee Titans St (Hired Redskins 2024)

Dana Clawson Lv 8 Oakland Raiders OC (Hired Broncos 2024)

Matt Hendrick (Tampa Bay Bucs) (Hired Texans 2024)

Bryan Steven Lv 1(Fired by Saints 2021)( LIons) (Hired Titans 2024)

Paul Jones Lv 10 Green Bay Packers OC (Hired Ravens 2025)

Moved On Retired

1. Andy Reid (Chiefs)

2. Bruce Arians Lv 13 (Buccaneers)

3. John Gruden (Raiders, Jets, Bengals)

4. Sean Payton (Saints, Eagles)


Must See