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Know the Cap

Know the Cap

With the DML Madden 20 team draft just over a month away many factors must go into the team selection process to include salary cap. Russell Wilson just signed a new deal with the Seahawks that will pay him $140 million dollars over 4 years with a $65 million signing bonus. That breaks down to $35 million per season. So selecting the Seahawks locks you into one of the largest contracts in DML history limiting the roster moves you will be able to make until 2023.

The Jaguars have a nice young Corp of talent, but with only $2,365,428 in cap space are you willing to take the chance of becoming the GM in Jacksonville and having to watch talent walk out the building do to money issues.

Decisions Decision Decisions oh we all have so many to make over the coming weeks as to where we will spend the Madden 20 cycle and 12 months of our lives.


Once again, the DML salary cap is going up.


Officially, the salary cap for 2019 will be $188.2 million, per DML Network Insider Bruce Kiper.


The cap will rise from the 2018 amount of $177.2M.


Each team’s effective cap space is listed below, per Over Da Cap News.


Indianapolis Colts: $106,436,235


New York Jets: $96,284,882


Houston Texans: $80,903,667


Buffalo Bills: $79,986,112


Cleveland Browns: $79,199,465


Oakland Raiders: $72,420,680


San Francisco 49ers: $67,493,622


Seattle Seahawks: $48,378,466


Cincinnati Bengals: $49,467,713


Dallas Cowboys: $47,620,275


Tennessee Titans: $43,514,313


Arizona Cardinals: $37,586,094


Denver Broncos: $34,581,784


Green Bay Packers: $34,529,260


Detroit Lions: $33,648,442


New York Giants: $26,507,535


Kansas City Chiefs: $25,155,167


Los Angeles Chargers: $22,548,868


Los Angeles Rams: $21,052,887


Atlanta Falcons: $22,458,182


New England Patriots: $19,425,720


Baltimore Ravens: $18,610,157


Carolina Panthers: $17,459,065


Washington Redskins: $16,969,921


Pittsburgh Steelers: $16,329,956


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $15,708,489


Chicago Bears: $13,666,141


New Orleans Saints: $10,799,712


Miami Dolphins: $9,616,316


Minnesota Vikings: $5,340,897


Philadelphia Eagles: $4,233,815


Jacksonville Jaguars: – $2,365,428

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