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Team Playbooks


Atlanta Falcons

Owner: NastyNupe  HC: Dan Quinn (2015–present)

Carolina Panthers

Owner: hugh_jazz8  HC:  Ron Rivera (2011– 2025 fired) Matt Patricia 2026-present)

New Orleans Saints

Owner: mareezy_LA  HC: Sean Payton (2006–2021), Bryan Steven ( Lions Playbook)( 2021-2021) Randy Croom ( O/D : NO – S. PAYTON) (2022-present)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Owner: CRob27  HC: Bruce Arians (2019–2021) Brian Flores (2021-2025 fired) Maurice Harn (2026-present)


Green Bay Packers

Owner: Embro2012  HC: Matt LaFleur  (2019–present)

Chicago Bears

Owner: kpthusrunin  HC: Matt Nagy (2018–2021) John Tupper LV7 (Playbooks O/D : DAL – J. GARRETT) (2020-present)

Detroit Lions

Owner: Dade30525  HC: Matt Patricia (2018–2025 fired) Frank Reich

Minnesota Vikings

Owner: Ralph-omatic  HC: Mike Zimmer  (2014–2025 retired) Steve Price (2026-present)


Philadelphia Eagles

Owner: pableezy17  HC: Doug Pederson (2016–2020) Sean Payton (2020-2023 Retired) William LaVallee (Saints)2024-present)

Washington Redskins

Owner: Under2Rated  HC: Jay Gruden  (2014–2023 Fired) Dan Golden (Titans)@024-present)

New York Giants

Owner: ChanticeleersCrow  HC: Pat Shurmur  (2018–2026) Jason Brown( Lv 7 Minnesota Vikings PB)(2026-present)

Dallas Cowboys 

Owner: Xperts-Corner  HC: Jason Garrett (2011–2019) Adam Gase (2019-present)


San Francisco 49ers 

Owner: ninertime76  HC: Kyle Shanahan (2017–present)

Los Angeles Rams

Owner: Flarechain  HC: Sean McVay (2017–2020), Tomas Pita (2020-present)

Seattle Seahawks

Owner: htown00  HC: Pete Carroll (2010–2020), Harold Tibbetts(NY JETS playbook)(2020-2025 fired) Hector Flohr (2026-present)

Arizona Cardinals

Owner: sweetz99  HC: Kliff Kingsbury  (2019–2022 Fired) Bill O’Brien (2023-present)

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Owner: HBO04  HC: John Harbaugh  (2008–2024traded), Paul Jones Lv 10 Green Bay Packers OC (2025-2026 Fired) Joshua Pinto (Panthers PB) 2026-Present)

Cleveland Browns

Owner: BGeezyXVI  HC: Freddie Kitchens (2019–2023 Fired) Joshua Pinto (Panthers)2023-2025 fired) John Harbaugh 2025-2026 Retired) Demetrius Turner Lv 27 (Chiefs Playbook) (2027-Present)

Pittsburgh Steelers

Owner: rich_porter32  HC:  Mike Tomlin (2007-2019), Demetrius Turner( Chiefs playbook)(2019-2025 fired)Manuel Fish(2026-present) 49ers PB

Cincinnati Bengals

Owner: SoulAssassIn_22  HC: Zac Taylor 2018-2020, Jon Gruden (2020 – 2023) Anthony Lynn (2023-2026 Fired)

AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars

Owner: sjfreshgobomb  HC: Doug Marrone  (2017–present)

Houston Texans

Owner: addy5  HC: Bill O’Brien (2014–2022Fired) William LaVallee Lv 3 (Offense Playbook: Spread Defense playbook: 46) (2022 – 2023 Fired) Matt Hendrick (Bucs)2024-2025 fired) Bill O’Brien (2026-present)

Tennessee Titans

Owner: Solomon_Kane_504  HC: Mike Vrabel (2018–2023 Fired) Bryan Steven (Lions)2024-present)

Indianapolis Colts

Owner: TheB1gHom1e  HC: Frank Reich (2018–2020), Matt Hedrick (BUCS playbook)(2020-2023) Manuel Fish LV 7(49ers Playbook)( 2023-present)


Miami Dolphins

Owner: Tyght_Work  HC:  Brian Flores(2019-2021), Eugene Hoopes (Ravens Playbooks)(2021-2026) Kliff Kingsbury (2026-present)Cards PB

New England Patriots 

Owner: Fromwhenceyoucom  HC: Griffin Murphy(PATS playbook)(2000-2021), Pete Carroll(2021-2021-retired) Steve Price ( O – RUN AND SHOOT D – 3-4)(2022-2024 fired) Doug Pederson (2025-2026 Fired) Devin Schultz (Raiders PB) (2026-present)

New York Jets

Owner: Daschemer  HC: Adam Gase (2019-2020),  Jon Gruden (2020-2021), Steve Price(Run-N-Gun, 3-4def)(2021-2022) Sean McDermott (2022-2023 Fired) Vic Fangio (2024-2025 fired) Russell Malony (2026-present) Texans PB

Buffalo Bills

Owner: Skilltrade2  HC: Sean McDermott (2017–2021) Jason Garrett (2022-2025) Freddie Kitchens (2026-present)


Kansas City Chiefs

Owner: kpope0406  HC: Andy Reid (2013–2019 retired), Michael Fortier (Chargers Playbook) 2019-present

Los Angeles Chargers

Owner: KING-VITAMAN  HC: Anthony Lynn (2017–2022) Griffin Murphy (Patriots PB) (2022-2026 Fired) Vic Fangio (2027-present) Broncos PB

Oakland Raiders

Owner: akaforse20212  HC: Jon Gruden(2018-2020), Jason Garrett (2020-2021) Victor Knox (O/D : ARI – K. KINGSBURY)(2022-present)

Denver Broncos

Owner: Darkness_247  HC: Vic Fangio (2019-2023 fired) Dana Clawson (Raiders)2024-present)