Da Mission


We would like to welcome you all to Da Blueprint Connected Franchise for Madden NFL for PlayStation 4 console. Da Blueprint was started for the sole purpose of developing users into Dynasty caliber players. When I say caliber it does not mean skill level, but out of game. Da Dynasty is a top 20 CFM via daddyleagues.com and sponsored by madden-school.com. In any CFM there will be turnover and we decided instead of looking for new users via EA forums, operation sports etc., we would keep it in house. The players that will get into Dynasty will have to come through Blueprint and prove themselves. We currently have a waiting list for Da Blueprint and will keep one due to the fact that not everyone here will stay, whether it is moving up or just leaving for personal reasons. We will have a dedicated daddyleagues site and live commentators for games of the week and the Super Bowl.

Why? Well we are trying to become the #1 Sim league out there and with that recognition comes benefits. We would get a say in upcoming installments of Madden, possible be flown out to EA play just to name a few perks.

We are not going to lie Da Blueprint is here to stay and some users may never leave or move up and be fine with that. We would rather have two leagues of 64 core users then one league and a waiting list. We are like family and hope to bring that same mindset to Da Blueprint.

The head guy over everything is Deon a.k.a NastyNupe and you will see him listed in our chat. He is there to just look in and see potentials but the blueprint commissioner staff will have the overall say in regards to moving up, removing etc.

When we say activity we mean scheduling games, active communication in the chat, watching streams on DML Network, adding input on articles, writing articles, Photoshop and/or video editing. Basically anything that will show us you’re serious about expanding our brand further.

If you have any questions feel free to hit a commissioner up and let’s get back to football and again welcome to Da Blueprint!

Warm regards,

DA Blueprint Commissioners